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The Training App

The quickest and cheapest way to get fit!

Fill in the online consultation form & your trainer will design and send you your training plan with video guidance for you to access at anytime.

Your trainer will also send you notes advising you on reps, sets and resting time.  You can even have your nutrition plan sent to the app!!

Kr200,- paid on a monthly subscription.

  • Customised training plan – designed by Mark.

  • Exercise videos & notes for technique

  • Progress charts & graphs.

  • Check your BMI

  • Upload your progress photos

  • App messaging service.

  • Have your nutrition plan sent to your app

  • Monthly updates, advice, motivation & guidance from your trainer.

1 to 1 Personal Training

All training session are one hour (60 mins) & will be held at one of these gyms.
All exercises are demonstrated by your personal trainer in order for you to know exactly how to perform the exercises to get the most benefit for your body.  This includes techniques and the right intensity for your level of fitness.

You do not have to spend weeks in a gym trying to figure out what works and what does not work.  Envision PT Services will do all of that for you

  • Free 30 minutes consultation.

  • PT prices & packages to fit everyone.

  • Free health check

  • Free fitness test

  • Customised training plans

  • Customised nutrition plans

  • All sessions are 60 minutes.

Competition Preparation

Bodybuilding, Fitness, Bikini, & Physique

Preparing for a competition can be confusing and requires a very detailed process that needs a lot of planning.

Your coach will be Mark an ameature IFBB athlete who has competed several times in bodybuilding and coached for both bodybuilding and athletic fitness athletes.

Mark will take care of all of the planning and details for you, so that you can focus on the plan and enjoy the experience.

  • Free 30 minutes Consultation

  • Fitness assessment if competing for athletic fitness.

  • Health check -body fat%

  • Customised Training program – specific to weaker areas if needed

  • Detailed nutrition plan – from now til stage

  • Weekly assessments and check ups

  • Weekly Posing training (mandatory & free pose)

The Envision Process

Only few steps away from the goal


1 to 1 personal training will offer a 30 minutes consultation - Training app customers can fill in the online version.

Decide what you want

Choose from 10 to 50hrs of PT sessions or select the contract training. Or try the App.

Build a perfect plan

You have decided so now I can build & set up your nutrition and training programs

Work hard be patient

Under my guidance & advice you will now be training hard towards reaching your goals

Grab your award!

Feeling proud that you have reached your goals!! we can now set new ones!!

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Female (25-31%)

Average body fat %

Male (18-24%)

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Female (21-24%)

Fitness level bf %

Male (14-17%)

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